Crepuscular Rays Over Gros Morne National Park

Conquerors Throne by Nicolas Blachut

Taken at Western Brook Pond, a fjord somewhere on the 20 mile Long Traverse Trail in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. I didn’t know this until I just looked it up but it is the most Northern section of the Appalachian Mountains. (Also a cliff broke off in the early 1900’s causing a 100 foot tsunami).

Snowy Owl in Newfoundland

Snowy Owl by Jeff Green. Click through photo for more of his work.

Favourite Lyrics of the Day – Hey Rosetta Red Song

In the white I wake up
In the white I die
Somewhere in the red, I see your eyes

In the green I’m out walking
and in the green I live
Somewhere in the red, I have your lips

I dream of a cloud
I dream of you

In the blue I’m rising, like an ocean
and in the blue it’s down, I sail
Somewhere in the red, I taste your skin

Hey Rosetta – Red Song Video

Hey Rosetta! – Red Song

This is the most beautiful song and music video pairing I’ve seen in awhile, I’ll admit that I cried a little, but I’m pretty soft… doesn’t take much to get a lump in my throat. 

It’s second only to the video for Dustland Fairytale by The Killers for me anyway.

Iceberg Alley – Newfoundland

Meanwhile in Canada – Moose Edition

Sorry it’s a fake

This one has been around forever but unfortunately its Photoshopped. The man who looks like he’s harnessing the moose is wearing a blue jacket with the words “Chevaux d’Abitibi” (“Horses of Abitibi”) on it.  Abitibi is a region of Quebec so at least that part is Canadian. Interestingly moose were used in Canada as work animals through the years as you can see from the black and white photos below. I guess they had to do something before cars were invented, now they just stand in the middle of the highways at night and cause accidents. (Black fur + black night + black asphalt = crash)

Canadian Cities Print (And Some Unusual Town Names)

Cape Breton technically isn’t a city but cool nevertheless. You can buy it on Etsy for $59.00.

One should be made with all the unusual town names from Newfoundland and Labrador. Actual places like Dildo, Blow Me Down, Come by Chance, Cupids, Conception Bay, Cow Head, Hearts Desire, and Crapaud PEI (pronounced “Crap-oh”)

Solar Heater Using Cans Out Of NFLD


NFLD’s Abbyshot Gets Contract to Make Official 11th Doctor Who Jacket

Some of the worlds most respected cosplay costumes are made by a company called Abbyshot in… Newfoundland? Who knew. They just got the contract to make the official 11th doctor jacket (and pissed off the Scots in the process) You can pre order yours for only $329 Cdn. I wonder if this guy knows about Abbyshot’s Browncoat replica.

I Was Going To Guess NFLD


From 4 to 150,000 in 100 Years

I’m not sure what the return on investment would work out to for those figures, 37,500%? I don’t know, I was never good at math. If you’re wondering, it’s not the value of Coca-Cola stocks over time or the projected value of Apple stocks off in the future. It’s actually the number of moose Newfoundland has thanks to the original 4 that were shipped over from New Brunswick in 1904. Newfoundland is pretty much synominus with moose so I had no idea they were not native to the island Apparently they thrive there, without the yearly cull of 30,000 animals they would likely outnumber the half million residents of the island before long.

So just how did those original 4 animals end up on NFLD? its thanks to a New Brunswicker named John Connell who just happened to ride around town on his pet moose named Tommy. The original saddle he used to ride him is on display at the Miramichi Natural History Museum (closed?) in New Brunswick. Lore says that a request was made by the Newfoundland government for the capture of a number of moose to be brought over to the island and Mr. Connell was just the man for the job. The pay was $50 for each moose caught which was a lot of money in 1900, the average tradesman earned around $.40/hour or $18/week. The snow that winter was to deep for horses so John and his men set out on snowshoes into the woods surrounding the Bartibouge River to find a colony of moose, Luckily the snow which was said to be 4 feet deep with higher drifts kept the moose in their yards and made them easier to find and capture. When they did find them they lassoed them just like cattle, brought them to Chatham and put them on the train. I’m sure there would have been some good stories after that trip, I’m not really sure how you lead a wild animal that can be 7 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 1400 lbs, carrots maybe? Thankfully they wouldn’t have had their antlers at that time of year, imagine a 6 foot wide mess of horns on top of a beast that big.

Of the 6 moose John captured 4 made it to NFLD, 2 cows and 2 bulls, and from those 4 they spread over the entire island. It has spawned a booming hunting industry with hunters coming in from all over the world to participate in the fall hunt. It’s not all good news, with their almost black coloring they are particularly dangerous to meet on a dark highway at night with fatalities not being uncommon. If you’re interested in going over to hunt, it will set you back about $4,000 USD give or take $1000, non-residents need to contact a licensed guide who are able to resell government issued hunting licences, oh and bring a minimum 270 caliber rifle.

To put you in the mood.

Incredibly dumb (and drunk) New Brunswicker.