Granite Scrap Patio Update

Thought I’d give up an update on how my granite scrap patio is coming along, mostly just how the grass is filling in the cracks and show a little bit more how I cut the granite (although there was minimal cutting involved) You can see from the pictures the grass is coming in nicely, I planted Pennington Sahara brand Bermuda grass to withstand the heat of the patio being in full sun and the slabs getting really hot through the day. Fescue I think would be too high and doesn’t spread nicely like Bermuda.  A little bag goes a long way and it germinated nicely within a week. It needs 80F or hotter weather to germinate though. Bermuda’s root systems should help stabilize the slabs once it grows in thick although they are pretty solid as they are. The granite is a bit slick when wet and I’m going to experiment with some muratic acid vs: a green plant safe concrete etcher to help with that.

There were a few slabs I needed to cut either because they had a weird angle on one end or just to fit a final piece into the patio. I used a Kobalt diamond blade on a 4.5″ grinder to cut the stone and honestly it cuts like a hot knife through butter. It seems to last quite awhile as it’s still in great shape after cutting maybe 10-15 slabs. I wasn’t worried about chipping, cutting perfectly straight so if you want a clean, straight cut you might need a different approach (jig to get a straight cut and 7″ disc to cut all the way through?) All I had to do was score about 1/3 of the stone, support the cut and tap along the line with a hammer to break it cleanly off. Wear safety glasses and a dust mask of course, the dust can cause silicosis with long term inhalation.

*Six Month Update (October 8th, 2012)