Canadian vs: American Oreos

This is very important research…

If you ever laid awake at night wondering if Oreos taste different in Canada than in the US you’re apparently not alone. You can add Oreos to the list of things that do taste better in Canada (Heinz Ketchup for instance) and I’ll show you why. For starters they look different, the American cookie is made by Nabisco and have the triangle shaped Nabisco logo on top. The Canadian version is made by Mr Christie and just have a “flowery” design. The packages are different too with Canadian Oreos coming in a bag type container with those bendy-foldy-over twist ties on top. Down here you get your cookies in a flat package that peels back on top and re-sticks. Now for the most important part, the taste, Canadian Oreos are made with real sugar while in the US you’ll be eating high fructose corn syrup, Canadian Oreos also have coconut oil in them which might be the reason for the slightly softer cookie.

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* The Star had an article recently for the 100th anniversary of the Oreo and you can watch a tour of the factory in Montreal where the Canadian Oreos are made. (at 3000 cookies/min or 1 Billion/year)

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  1. Do you have any idea why they use coconut oil in the Canadian ones but not in the American ones? Maybe they realized it was a good idea, but cannot change the American recipe for fear of pissing customers off? Anyway, I eat the golden ones; they are better here in Canada than in the States.

  2. I honestly don’t know, an article in The Star said they use coconut because of different taste preferences of different countries (China has green tea flavoured) I wonder if it’s a cost consideration, maybe the different oils are subsidized differently in the different countries making it cheaper (like how corn and corn sugar is heavily subsidized here in the US)–oreo-cookie-turns-100-and-opens-its-montreal-factory-for-first-time

  3. Canadian oreos are the best! My older siblings grew up in Montreal, but then my family moved to Boston and they would always lament the loss of the good oreos. I just ended up going to McGill for grad school and I would eat a bag of Canadian oreos a week and smuggle several packages over the border when I’d visit home.

  4. A Deaf American Male’s opinion here, I tasted two brands Christie and Nabisco Oreos and I find it different. I would not discuss the outer – hard cookie shells but the frosting itself…They do make the flavor differences from Canada and US’s brands. I prefer US’s brand and I believe Canadians prefer their own brands too. But as a visitor I threw the whole bag [Christie’s Oreo] in the garbage because the frosting tastes like from a cake frosting rather than hardening frosting that made from Nabisco’s. No pun intended.

  5. a friend recommended this website to me, he said that your posts are the best so i came to read your post and realized he was right. congratulations for writing so well.

  6. google got me on this blog .. had to find out if I were crazy or not ! I admit it, I prefer the American Oreos. I am just back from vacation on the East Coast (live in Quebec) and really tasted the difference. I packed a bunch of them in my bags for the return trip LOL. You could talk about yogurts in the US that taste and look so artificials. Hard to find good ones in regular stores.

  7. That’s funny, maybe we can barter, I’ll send you Oreos if you send me ketchup chips. I haven’t heard the yogurt one before, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks :)

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