This American Life – Weightlifting Snowman

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What is the weight lifting snowman?

Apparently someone mentioned the phrase “weightlifting snowman” on TV last night judging from the spike in searches of “what is a weightlifting snowman” The phrase comes from a episode of Ira Glass’s radio show This American Life called The Super about three different apartment superintendents that originally aired in 2007. The story is about a cancer stricken super who paid an elegant mysterious older woman $30,000 for the Indonesian territorial rights of a variety show that starred a snowman that somehow came to life and could bench press 400lbs. (seriously) Spoiler alter: there really was no bench pressing snowman, or even a elegant mysterious woman but it’s a great story never-the-less, probably one of my all time favourite This American Life episodes. You can listen to the podcast (best way) or read the transcript of the show (Its in Act 2 about half way down the page)

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